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Safety Method Statements

The purpose of a method statement is to ensure, where safety critical, work is carried out in a particular sequence. The general principle of ensuring a safe system of work applies to all work activities and as such a method statement is an ideal way to prove that the risks associated with a particular activity has been carefully considered and appropriate controls implemented. However for lower risk activities it may be sufficient to rely on a combination of operator competence and comprehensive risk assessment in achieving a safe system of work.

The actual format is dependent on the work being undertaken and the organisational arrangements in place but generally the following headings should be present:

  • Organisation/company in control of the operation
  • Named individual responsible for the activity and its safety
  • Name of method statement originator and authorisation date
  • Arrangements for changing/deviating from method statement
  • General description of activity
  • Location of activity including access and restrictions
  • General working environment considerations, e.g. temperature and wind speed
  • Protection of others, e.g. members of the public
  • Emergency procedures, including location of emergency equipment
  • Identity of operatives (and any specific training or certification required)
  • Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment
  • Plant and equipment used, including safety precautions and restrictions
  • Materials information e.g. hazard information and storage/transport requirements
  • Work sequence, including associated risks and required control measures for each stage
  • Safety checks/clearances at specific stages
  • Final clearance that activity is completed to specification
  • Any other additional information that may be relevant

The list above is not exhaustive and a method statement may or may not include each and every item. However as a minimum it must achieve the following objectives:

  • It should be up to date, identifiable and its source accountable
  • It should contain the sequence of works
  • It should identify the associated risks and control measures
  • It should state actions/authorisation required to deviate from method statement

Enviro~Clean carry out Site Specific Safety Method Statements for all activities undertaken

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