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This building is very well protected, and consequently very clean, but the spikes are very hard to spot

Why Use Bird Control?

There are many reasons why you should use bird control.


Birds and their droppings are associated with dissemination of the causative agents of a large number of diseases that can affect humans. The resulting illnesses can be severe and can last for months and can lead to death.

These diseases can be divided into two categories: Air-Borne Diseases (e.g. ornithosis) and Food-Borne Diseases (e.g. ecoli). Illness from air-borne diseases can be contracted through exposure to infected birds, their dry droppings and nesting materials. An infested warehouse or supermarket would be at most risk from food borne diseases.

Health and Safety

Bird droppings are a serious slip hazard so it is imperative that organizations take action to prevent injury and the likelihood of being sued from the injured party. Gulls are becoming an increasing problem, where there have been instances of people being attacked. Also there is the danger of birds nesting in air-conditioning units and on flues of buildings, resulting in the accumulation of noxious gases being emitted into the building.

Property Damage

Bird droppings are very acidic and can cause accelerated deterioration of stonework and corrosion of metals. Also the accumulation of nesting materials can block gutters, leading to flooding and water damage. Birds can also directly damage window seals and roofing materials.

Public Image

Where birds roost, nest or perch, they generally leave fouling. The fouling might smell unpleasant and negatively affect the look of the building and put off potential customers.

Cost of Cleaning

Companies can spend a vast amount of money and time continually cleaning bird droppings of their buildings. Huge long term savings can be made by investing AVIPOINTâ„¢ bird spikes.

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