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Protective Coatings

  • Specialising in new-build protection & maintenance
  • In the field of building surface protection, enviro~clean offer a wide-range of products giving our clients a tailor made protection system & long term support
  • enviro~clean operate in house product testing

Concrete, steel, stone – at first glance these seem like durable building materials that withstand the elements. But appearances are deceiving. Over time environmental influences such as rain, frost, pollutants and graffiti all take their toll on mineral-based building materials eventually causing damage that can be structural as well as cosmetic. Building protection products can help to prevent these problems and protect valuable public and private investments.

Water Repellents

Moisture is the root cause of almost all mechanisms that damage mineral building materials. Water repellents penetrate deeply into the substrate to create long-lasting protection from the negative effects of weather.
See how Protectosil ® water repellents work

Corrosion Control

Over time corrosion of the steel rebar in reinforced concrete structures can lead to serious weakening of the reinforcements that require expensive repair. A Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment – actually prevents corrosion from starting.
See how Protectosil ® CIT works

Graffiti Control

Give taggers a hard time! Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI ® is an unique new penetrating treatment that is both durable and water vapor permeable.
See how Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI ® works

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Even where graffiti isn't a problem, the appearance of a building facades can still be spoiled by soot, dust, mold, and mildew, for example. Surfaces treated with Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE will remain remain clean longer and when cleaning is required, it's easy.
See how Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE works

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