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This wall is scarred by graffiti damage, even after traditional cleaning methods, the wall has been stained by the oils from the paint. Also the mortar in the brickwork has been removed by excessive water jetting

Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE

Sometimes graffiti isn't the problem but everyday dirt and stains can still mar an otherwise attractive facade. Whether mildew, algae or soot, Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE is an aqueous silane-based system that gives porous mineral substrates a hydro- and oleophobic surface, which means less effort in keeping your building clean.

Facades treated with Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE:

  • remain clean longer
  • show no unsightly dark water streaks during rain
  • are less susceptible to the growth of microorganisms such as mold and algae

Stains caused by common liquids such as coffee, cola and oils are easily removed from surfaces treated with Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE. Even chewing gum and posters don't stick quite so well, making removal easier.

Protectosil ® SC CONCENTRATE:

  • is a colorless, water-vapor permeable, hydro- and oleophobic treatment
  • does not form a sticky silicone film
  • beads water and oils on absorbent mineral building materials
  • is practically free from volatile organic components (VOC)

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