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This wall is scarred by graffiti damage, even after traditional cleaning methods, the wall has been stained by the oils from the paint. Also the mortar in the brickwork has been removed by excessive water jetting

Grafitti Control

Buildings made of brick, stone and concrete are constantly subjected to the damaging influences of weathering, dirt and air borne chemical pollution.

The resulting damage costs billions of pounds each year, costs which are escalating rapidly. Added to these costs is the cost of damage from spray paints (graffiti) which can be extremely difficult to remove, especially from unprotected stone and brickwork.

The authorities responsible for building maintenance, restoration and conservation, only take notice when they become aware of the enormous sums of money which are spent yearly in repairing buildings and monuments which have deteriorated rapidly as a result of these influences.

Until now, there were few measures available to prevent this costly damage. Commonly used cleaning practices, traditionally based on the use of dangerous acids, caustic cleaners or chlorinated solvents, have not always been friendly to the environment or to the employees involved in applying them.

Enviro~clean use ENVIROGUARD products, the environmentally safe facade protection system. With ENVIROGUARD it is now possible to undertake preventative measures at a relatively low cost both in terms of financial cost and environmental impact.

The ENVIROGUARD system was developed with the following properties:

  • Single component system
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Neutral invisible film
  • Protective hydrophobic properties
  • Reversible, easy to remove

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