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Nowhere is out of reach so there is no excuse for shoddy fascias anymore

Much of the time, we can use equipment that has a small footprint so there is minimal inconvenience as we work

Our trailer mounted equipment is ideal where power and water are unavailable on site

Queensgate shopping centre entrance prior to cleaning

Shopping centre entrance after a deep clean, chewing gum removal & a steam clean for the walls. Anti-Graffiti & Easy-clean protective treatments have been applied after cleaning to walls & paving

New Construction Cleaning

During the construction process buildings and paving and other surfaces can become stained with cement or mud from plant. Enviro~clean have worked alongside many leading building contractors, we are usually brought in on the final stages of construction with tight timescales in place for the clean up. Our pressure cleaners operate at up to 250 bar and are coupled to high performance surface cleaners that allows us to clean block paving and other hard surfaces at up to 20 Meters per minute. You may call us at short notice if the requirement is urgent, our operatives can normally be on site within a few hours. We pride ourselves on the high quality of work we carry out, whether the job be large or small, the same attention to detail is given to each project.

Enviro~clean specialises in architectural cleaning and restoration

Effective on a wide range of applications, from modern brick and concrete structures to aged stone buildings and metallic, marble or stone monuments, our expertise in the latest cleaning techniques ensure our clients get the optimum finish, whatever the project.

Enviro~clean prides itself on a reputation for excellent service and superior results. The best recommendation for our work comes from past clients that include local councils, nationwide developers, architects and individuals alike. The review of its projects by potential clients is encouraged and Enviro~clean is willing to carry out a test panel on new jobs before commencing work to ensure we meet your expectations every time.

Our unique systems deliver remarkable cleaning power, removing anything from built-up carbon deposits to graffiti, without damaging delicate substrates like brick mortar or glass.

Enviro~clean takes its health, safety and environmental responsibilities very seriously, using natural products and environmentally-friendly technology wherever possible to deliver a service that is second to none.

At enviro~clean, the system we use is very different in action than other 'steam' or 'hot water' systems currently available and should not be confused with them, as it is actually 'superheated' water that exits the nozzle, not just hot (70-90°), or steam. The system uses a normal water supply, taken into the high pressure pump unit, where the pressure is increased to the required level before entering the Hotbox. The desired pressure can be variably adjusted by the operator and is independent of temperature settings. Within the heater unit, the temperature can be increased at anything up to 150°C if necessary, before it passes through a heat resistant nozzle, which is used to direct the super-heated water onto the surface to be cleaned.

This method of cleaning is also widely used for the restoring of historic buildings and is fully endorsed by London Heritage and The National Trust.

Our vans are totally self sufficient and carry their own water supply, ideal where power and water are unavailable on site.

Historic Buildings

The maintenance of historic buildings is key to preserving the heritage of towns and cities across the country - but cleaning these façades has traditionally been considered a challenge.

While it is often unwise to use scouring techniques like sand-blasting that can damage stone mouldings, alternatives like jet-blasting are little better and may make porous old bricks waterlogged, which can result in cracking.

With Enviro~clean, the problem is solved. Utilising a range of gentle cleaning techniques, Enviro~clean has the ability to adapt its processes to create a bespoke solution for each surface. Using these systems, age-old dirt and grime, graffiti and other coatings can be effectively removed without damaging the substrate.

Whether cleaning a building made from porous Cotswold stone or old brick, the wood beams of a Tudor-style home, or the stone carvings of a church, Enviro~clean can guarantee a superior finish while offering the greatest protection to the building. Enviro~clean understands that commissioning work on historic structures can often be daunting and is happy to offer a free trial to ensure clients are satisfied with the process before beginning a project.

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