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This wall is scarred by graffiti damage, even after traditional cleaning methods the wall has been stained by the oils from the paint (known as ghosting). Also the surface of the stone is damaged by excessive water jetting.

Using ENVIROGUARD will stop the paint from penetrating the surface but allowing the surface to breath. Graffiti is then removed by low pressure steam cleaning only (no chemicals required) removing graffiti, dirt & grime along with the top layer of ENVIROGUARD. After cleaning is complete a new top coat of ENVIROGUARD is applied. ENVIROGUARD is also used to protect building & monuments from weather / air bourn chemical pollution.


Graffiti attacks disfigure our streets and buildings. The more prominent and eye-catching the location, the better the sprayer likes it. For all building owners, graffiti is an annoyance. It gives the property an uncared-for appearance, and if unchecked, lowers its value, off putting for customers and tenants of the property.

The problem is that graffiti attacks are usually carried out at night, making it almost impossible to catch the sprayer in the act. Graffiti can now be removed just as quickly as it is sprayed on. With enviro~clean's graffiti control systems, the problem can quickly be managed, minimizing uncared-for appearance and damage caused by traditional cleaning methods. As part of enviro~clean's graffiti control systems a variety of award winning graffiti protection coatings for both interior and exterior surfaces are used. These coatings protect the surface from staining caused by graffiti and reduce cleaning times by up to half that of traditional methods.

Graffiti can be an expensive problem to tackle if not managed long term, one–off cleans do not deter graffiti attacks and without the proper protective coating the surface can easily be permanently damaged.

Evidence has shown that removing the graffiti as soon as it occurs helps to prevent repeat attacks to the property and where protective coatings are applied the graffiti is quickly removed without a trace, saving time and money.

  • 24 hr call out for racist / offensive graffiti
  • Anti graffiti coatings
  • Sites monitored regularly ( retail parks / shopping centres / schools / leisure centres / business parks )
  • Method Statement / Risk Assessment / detailed quotations with pictures
  • Email Quotes - send us digital photos of your graffiti & get your quote that day

Take a look at our protective coatings section for all our anti-graffiti coatings info & video

Graffiti is a pervasive problem throughout many town and city centres, appearing on anything from painted building façades and metallic road signs to monuments and trees. Enviro~clean delivers remarkable cleaning power on all of these surfaces, without damaging delicate substrates like brick mortar or glass. Additionally, the process does not leave the ‘graffiti shadow’ that can result from traditional jet blasting methods.

Enviro~clean understands the challenge of maintaining high standards in public areas and, if required, can provide a complete graffiti maintenance service for buildings, shopping arcades and town centres. By offering town managers regular photographic reports, Enviro~clean takes the hassle out of day-to-day maintenance by reporting potential issues before they become a problem.

Anti-graffiti protection: When specific areas are under constant attack, anti-graffiti coatings are the answer. These coatings allow safe, gentle and cost-effective removal of graffiti.

Permanent coatings - These products coat and seal surfaces. Paint and ink will not penetrate the coating allowing graffiti to be easily cleaned off, while leaving the protective coating intact.

Sacrificial coatings (recommended for more sensitive substrates) - These coatings wash away easily with hot water, taking graffiti with them. The product must then be re-applied to the area that has been cleaned.

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