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The Reach and Wash system in action

We can clean almost any type of window

Glass and window cleaning

Using nothing but purified water, Enviro~clean can clean any glass surface to a streak-free shine without chemicals.

Specialising in high-access cleaning to windows, UPVC fronted buildings and even 60 metre high aluminium and glass ceilings, Enviro~clean has both the systems and experience to find a cost-effective solution to any cleaning challenge, giving its clients a superior finish.

Our window cleaning contracts range from small residential blocks through to retail units and multi-storey office blocks. Dirty windows can be detrimental to a company's image and the appearance of poor maintenance does not reflect well on residential management organisations. By developing a regular maintenance programme to suit each client's operation schedule and cleaning requirements, Enviro~clean can eliminate this problem.

With fully-trained staff experienced in the safe use of ladders, harnesses and hydraulic platform vehicles, Enviro~clean can access any building in a safe and controlled manner.

Reach & Wash System

This is a system we use which has transformed the cleaning of high level glass and facades.

It involves the use of water fed poles which telescope up to 65 feet and deliver pure water to the window via a double trim brush.

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